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About us

     The breeder isn't person who produces puppies for profit but the person who love their breed above everything, who knows importance of the breeding work of our ancestors and who is responsibly striving to save this legacy and refine it more.

     Our kennel was registrated on 5th of January 2010 for the purpose of breeding an English cocker spaniel. Our goal is breeding of healthy dogs that will meet the breed standard and will be able to comply with new owners, whether in hunting, in the show ring, in agility or home in the bed.

     Our kennel Dark Cherry has name of our female, because she brought us the idea that we can breed her puppies in our's own kennel. We didn´t want to do any activities with Cherry but we go to shows and we train for working tests. Cherry showed us what is a cynology.

     But it started before Cherry was born. The first dogs came to our family in 1998. They were two black cocker spaniels with unknown pedigree. This had negative effect to their health. Andynka died in 2008 after medical complications, and several bad operations. Cancer can not be choosers. Nellynka, Andynka's sister, was castrated after the first rut, becouse she had inflamation. When she was three years old her ear canal had to been removed, becouse there was tumour. Now, when she is twelve years old, she is deaf, her eyes are turbid, she has problems with hips and bladder, but she is still vivacious. That is why it is the most important select healthly dogs to breeding.

      Finally I would like to thank Mr. Studeník and Mr. Šulcek. Their help is very valuable for me. Thank you!