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Shows are our big hobby. We visited shows in Czech republic, Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Croatia. We love traveling and shows are good motive for it. Some of our successes are on the pictures down.

Banjamin Barker Dark Cherry - his first show and first CAC

Black Pearl and her secons CRUFTs qualification and CACIB

Czech team in Hungary took a few cups - Pia Black Petrs 2x BIS veteran

Black Pearl Dark Cherry in Hungary - BOS

Black Pearl Dark Cherry - BOJ and junior BIG II

Beautiful Dream Dark Cherry - BIG

Best breeding group Dark Cherry

Black Pearl and Beautiful Dream best couple

Pia Black Petrs and her children

Black Pearl Dark Cherry and her first CRUFTs qualification and BOJ

Beautiful Dream Dark Cherry and his CRUFTs qualification

Our big victory- CAC (1/7) by Mrs. Elaine Thomas - nearly club winner ;)

Pia Black Petrs won honour class

Artemis Dark Cherry won BOB

Pia Black Petrs won BIG